About Us

Who We Are

Gulf United Metropolitan Business Organization (GUMBO) is a coalition of local business leaders who are committed to the intellectual growth and development of south Baldwin County.  

GUMBO Board Members



• Chairman – Patrick Bussey, Bussey Capital Management LLC (OB) 

• Vice Chairman - Penny Groux, Perdido Beach Resort (OB)  

• Secretary/Treasurer - Donna Watts, CEO South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce  • Tommy Lee - Vulcan, Inc. (F) 

• Anthony Kaiser - Coastal Real Estate & Development (GS) 

• Beth Gendler - CEO Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Tourism  

• J. Gary Ellis - Gulf State Park (GS) 

• Greg Alexander - CEO Coastal Alabama Business Chamber  

• Frances Holk-Jones - Frances Holk Insurance Inc/State Farm (F) 

• Donna Givens – Community Leader (F) 

• Wade Bradford - SouthState Bank (GS)


Emeritus Board:

• Robert W. (Bubba) Lee-Vulcan Inc. 
• Greg Leatherbury-Hand Arendall Harrison Sale 
• Herb Malone-Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Tourism


Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members:

• Robert Craft, Mayor-City of Gulf Shores  

• Tony Kennon, Mayor-City of Orange Beach  

• Ralph Hellmich, Mayor-City of Foley


Governmental Relations:

• Martin Christie, President of Christie Strategy Group 
• Maeci Walker, Vice President of Christie Strategy Group  

GUMBO's Mission

Our mission is to foster better communication between area business leaders and government officials at the  local, state and federal levels in order to enhance the growth and development of south Baldwin County and  provide economic opportunity for our citizens.  

Why is GUMBO Needed?

The south Baldwin County area is no longer a collection of small communities. We are a coalition of regional  communities located in one of the fastest growing areas in the state. With that growth comes enormous  opportunities and challenges. We need to work together to take advantage of these opportunities and meet  these challenges. Local office holders, including mayors, county commissioners and legislators, want and need to hear from business leaders about our area’s needs for the future. Most importantly, they want to hear a  united voice with a clear message. Due to the dynamic and explosive growth of our region, a unified strategy  must be developed and communicated accurately to support the growing infrastructure, workforce needs and  product development.  
GUMBO is committed to working with the mayors of our local municipalities, members of the Baldwin County  Commission, our local legislative delegation as well as our leaders in Washington DC to focus attention on our  needs and provide the infrastructure necessary to move this region forward while preserving our unique  identity and environment.